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By: Alberto Rodríguez

Photo: Coral Murphy /Pulso Estudiantil

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know to start your week:



  •  UPR’s budget for the 2017-2018 fiscal year is approved


The University’s Government Board validated its budget with a cutback of $187.7 million . The results of the voting were 8 in favor, with the Graduate Student Representative Gilberto Domínguez Escalera voting against, and the abstention of the Undergraduate Student Representative Efraín Rodríguez Ocasio.


The report has yet to validate the suggestions made by the University’s Budget Committee which include the closing of its preschool and childcare centers, the creation of just one UPR team to represent on interuniversity competitions, and an increase in the costs of the college transcript and other student documentation.


Today, the Government Board will decide if they approve the institution’s fiscal plan, which contemplates an increase on the tuition’s price, especially on graduate programs.


  • UPR Government Board finalizes designation of all the interim rectors


The University’s Government Board endorsed all the nominations made by the new interim president Darrel Hillman Barrera as successors to the previously vacant positions in all the eleven campuses.


According to a Pulso Estudiantil source, via a referendum, all the candidates received the approval of a majority vote. This comes after the process for reinstating eight campuses into the Title IV federal funds program was halted because of the absence of an administrative director.


Meanwhile, the Government Board also appointed Ilka Ríos-Reyes as Vice President of Student Affairs. However, this violated the entity’s already ratified Certification #85 which eliminated the three vice presidential positions of Central Administration on June 30, 2017.


  • Motion to request resignation of the General Student Council president is withdrawn


The General Student Council (CGE in Spanish) of the Río Piedras Campus withdrew its motion to solicit the abdication of its president Wilmarí de Jesús Álvarez.


The motion was originally presented at July 20th’s extraordinary meeting, by the Administrative Board’s representative Kuyaguaribo López Correa.


It was rescinded after the Law School’s Student Council President, Giancarlo Colberg Ferrer, proposed that the motion be retired and the votes filed.


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