Your weekly news brief: UPR resumes courses, students relocate to alternate housing and university sports fans rejoice

Photo: Coral Murphy/Pulso Estudiantil

By: Alberto F. Rodríguez

Good morning! Here’s every thing you might have missed last week:

  •  UPR’s Río Piedras campus restarted its semester following the passing of hurricane María

After having remained closed for 40 days as a result of hurricane María, the University of Puerto Rico’s Río Piedras campus once again renewed its classes last monday. That morning, students who arrived at the main gate were given some supplies and information and were received by the campus’ Chancellor, Luis A. Ferrao, the UPR’s president, Dr. Darrel Hillman and the president of the Government Board, Walter Alomar.

The campus reopened without having access to electricity, although many buildings had access to generators which provided power to energize them. Today, the Cayey unit of the UPR becomes the last one to resume its courses.

  •  Relocation of Torre del Norte residents to alternate housing

A week after being deemed uninhabitable due to the damage sustained during hurricane Maria, 53 occupants of the Torre del Norte student lodging have been reassigned to temporary residences in areas surrounding the Río Piedras campus of the University of Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile some of the students who were supposed to stay in the aforementioned lodging during this semester have expressed that they will remain with family or friends until Torre del Norte has been reopened following the repair of its water supply and the renovation of its apartments.

  • LAI consolidates its calendar in just one semester

The Government Board of the Interuniversity Athletic League (LAI in Spanish) unanimously decided to carry out its sports program, in its entirety, during the 2018 January to May semester.

The athletic directors will work together with the LAI’s commissioner, José Enrique Arrarás to determine the tournament’s schedule, which will then be evaluated by the LAI’s Governing Board at a meeting on Friday, November 10.