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By: Alberto Rodríguez

Photo: Coral Murphy Marcos /Pulso Estudiantil


Good morning and may the odds be ever in your favor during finals week! Here’s what you need to know:


  •  Río Piedras campus regains access to federal funds


The Federal Department of Education announced that the Río Piedras campus of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) had fulfilled the necessary requirements to be reinstated into the Title IV federal funds program for student grants and other financial aids.

Before this, during the student strike that began last march and lasted 70 days, the Department of Federal Education had informed that that the campus lost its elegibility to recieve  federal funds because of the stoppage.

As it stands, the Pell Grant, Work-Study Program, Federal Supplementary Opportunity Grant, and student loans that comprise the Higher Education Act will once again be available, although the exact date has not yet been established.


The provisional certification will be valid until December 31st of 2018.


  • Under new management

Last tuesday, the chancellors of every single campus of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) had been dismissed,  as Dr. Darrel Hillman’s first act as interim president of the institution.


The newly appointed successors are Luis A. Ferrao as interim rector of the Río Piedras campus; Segundo Rodríguez Quilichini, of Ciencias Médicas; Wilma Santiago Gabrielini, of Mayagüez; Ivelice Cardona Cortés, of Aguadilla; Carlos A. Andújar Rojas, of Arecibo; Miguel Vélez Rubio, of Bayamon; Jorge Valentín Asencio, of Carolina; José A. Molina Cotto, of Cayey; Héctor A. Ríos Maury, of Humacao; Carmen Bracero Lugo, of Ponce, and José Heredia Rodríguez of Utuado.


  •  Mayagüez campus’ student councils oppose nomination of new interim chancellor


The Engineering (CEFI in Spanish), Arts and Science (CEFAC), and Graduate Studies (CEEG) student councils of the Mayagüez campus (RUM) opposed the naming of Wilma Santiago Gabrielini as interim chancellor owing to her history of “administrative inefficiency” as Student Dean.


Through a press release, the CEFI pointed out that they had previously made several statements regarding violations made by Santiago Gabrielini to the General Student Rulebook. Among these are her ill management of cases concerning student violence, sexual harassment, and disciplinary actions. She is also being accused of providing incomplete information to the RUM’s Academic Senate, as presented in the 13-08 Certification of the aforementioned administrative body.


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